Choose between the following options to connect a payment card to your wearable (please note that not all wearables support every option of connecting a payment card. Contact the wearable manufacturer for more information):


Connect your payment card when purchasing your wearable online.


Connect your payment card through our Android app. Note that this can’t be done with the iOS app due to Apple restrictions. You can follow these instructions or this video from 2:25.

  1. Download the Fidesmo app onto your phone.

  2. Open the Fidesmo app.

  3. Click Connect and select NFC wearable if that option pops up.

  4. Follow the instructions on screen by putting the wearable against the back of the phone. The NFC antenna on your phone might be positioned in a few places. Therefore it is usually best to slide the wearable slowly across the back of the phone from the center of it to the top of it. When you feel a slight vibration the NFC connection has been established, hold on for a little longer until the devices have exchanged the needed information.

  5. Click on the wearable in which you want to connect a service.

  6. On your wearable overview, press the Connect a service button

  7. Choose the service you want to connect and follow the instructions on the screen.