Fidesmo Links is a very simple service that allows you to share a previously configured link to any smartphone user by tapping their phone against your wearable. Please, check this article to know how to configure the desired website in your wearable through the Fidesmo App. 

The use is really easy, just tap your ring or wearable against the phone where you want to share your link and it will be opened in the phone. However, you have to have these conditions into account:

  1. The phone has to have the NFC connection enabled.
  2. The phone has to be active. Most of the phones do not activate the NFC unless the phone is at least active (screen is on) although not necessary unlocked.
  3. You have to tap the wearable really close to the NFC antenna. Please, check this article to know how to find the phone's NFC antenna.
  4. Depending on the particular phone's configuration the behavior of the terminal once the link has been shared can be different (default web browser, installed apps, etc.).