If you want to remove the wearable from the Fidesmo app for Android or iPhone or the Fidesmo Self service portal you can either clear the data of the app or remove the stored cookies or you can remove the specific wearable in the apps and self service portal by following the instructions below. If you are looking to block or remove your payment token connected to Fidesmo Pay you should follow these instructions instead.

Fidesmo Android app / iPhone app

  1. Open the Fidesmo app and select your wearable from the list of wearables.
  2. You should now be at the overview screen of your wearable.
  3. Click the bin in the top right corner and the wearable will be removed from your app.

Fidesmo Self Service Portal

  1. Go to the Fidesmo Self service portal.
  2. Find the wearable you want to remove from the Self service portal and click the three dots in it's right corner.
  3. Select Forget wearable.