If you want to change the payment card on your wearable, please first check that you have an Android phone with NFC-Capabilities that is compatible with tags or check that your wearable support iOS card connection. You can check that by contacting with your wearable manufactured. Due to Apple restrictions, it is not possible to connect a new card through an iOS phone, unless you have a supported wearable (like Paycelet's). To connect a new card, you first have to remove the card that is already connected: 

Removing the Card from your wearable

Follow these instructions first if you have not installed the Fidesmo app and connected your wearable to your phone yet. (If you have lost your wearable - please call your bank. Otherwise follow the instructions below):

Step 1. Go to the overview screen showing your wearable and the services connected to it.

Step 2. 

Step 3. Follow the instructions on screen to remove the payment token from your wearable.

Connecting the new Card to your wearable

Read this article to connect a Payment card to your wearable. You can also follow this video from minute 2.25.