Has your ring or wearable stopped working?

You have probably received an email from donotreply@fidesmo.com with the title “Action required: Activate payments on your wearable”.  No worries, we will explain why and how to resolve it!


To protect your payments from fraud, Fidesmo Pay limits the number of PIN-less transactions, or the accumulated spending, that can be done without any identity verification. This is done on behalf of some banks as part of the EU regulation PSD2. You will be unable to perform any further payments until you complete the steps outlined below.

Read more here about the limits that trigger the PIN request.

What do you need?

As we need to confirm the presence of the wearable, you need your wearable to hand along with a phone with NFC-Capabilities. 

You can check if your Android device is compatible  on this website

If you are using an iOS device, please note that all iPhones from the iPhone 7 and onwards have this capability.

How to resolve it?

These are the instructions on how to re-activate payments on your wearable. The process is quick, easy, and secure of course!

  1. If you haven't done so yet, download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and connect your wearable to the app.

  2. On  your phone, open the email from donotreply@fidesmo.com in your inbox with the title "Action required: Activate payments on your wearable".

  3. Click the "Activate payments" button in it.

  4. The Fidesmo app will open. Please follow the on screen instructions. When you are requested to hold your wearable against the phone, please do so. If you have a problem locating the NFC-Antenna please check this article.

  5. Once we’ve verified that the wearable is present the process is finished and you can continue using your wearable for payments.

How can I prevent it?

Making a payment that requires your PIN (the transaction amount varies per country) with your ring or wearable before reaching the limit, will reset the counter so that you can keep paying without hitting the limit where the extra verification step is needed.

Read more here about the limits that trigger the PIN request.